Understanding Offers

Q: What is an offer?
A: An offer is usually made in the form of a written contract prepared by a sales associate representing a buyer. Together, we will determine how you would like to receive offers.  Sellers can actively participate in the offer process or offers may be presented to me first and then presented to the sellers privately for consideration.  In either case, we will review the strengths and weaknesses of each offer before decided how to proceed.

Q: How quickly must I act?
A: Usually time is of the essence in negotiating an offer. There are often strict deadlines, which must be met. I will stay in constant communication with you during the entire transaction process.

Q: Who knows about the terms of an offer for my property?
A: No one, except you, and myself, will know about the terms of an offer prior to your acceptance. You will be kept informed of any other buyer’s interest in your property; and if more than one offer is submitted to me, all will be presented to you for your consideration.